New 3TB MyBook files corrupted at installation

I have a new 3TB My book. When I connect it to a Win7 machine, the OS says the drive needs to be formatted. If I connect it to Linux, the log shows the file system is corrupt.

LifeGuard Diagnostics show SMART - Pass and the Quick diagnostic also passes.It is at firmware 1005, if that matters.

I could format the device, but am concern that if it is corrupted when new, then its ability to retain data is questionable, especially over the long term.

Since the drive was purchased less than a week ago, I can return it to Frys. What do you folks suggest?

Based on an email from WD support, I returned the unit to Frys and received a replacement with very little hassle. The replacement is recognized under both Win7 and Linux.

Apparantly, the original was not properly manufactured. The WD support rep suggested formatting the unit if I did not want to return it to the retailer.

It seems you got a lemon.

I’m glad your new unit is working properly.