New 1001FALS with strange SMART


Two days ago I have change my 1001FALS bacause off warranty issue in lockal store.

I recieve another one 1001FALS with the date of manufacture on sticker 12/03/2012

After installing the HDD I checked SMART and I was very much surprised to find that the parameter 09 Power-on Time Count = 5260 hours…another parametrs are clear like on new HDD.

WD support dont give me the answer yet, but I dont understand how It possible. This is a very misunderstood…

This HDD could not work out as much from 12/03/2012.

Sticker on current HDD is full white without black stripes and name Caviar Black.

Can I require the replacement of the drive???

Please explain to me the situation.

Please install hard disk sentinel and see how many time it says :slight_smile:

uh, are you sure that it says the date of manufacture is 12/03/12?  does that mean march 12, or december 3?  if it says december 3, then you might have a counterfeit drive.  not only that, but my caviar black, manufacture in mar 2012, has a yellow part at the bottom of the label.   I don’t know…

Sorry, date on sticker is 6 MAR 2012
I put the photo to first post.

That’s very suspicious. As you say, 5260 hours works out to be just over 7 months, so even at 24/7, a drive couldn’t possibly have racked up that many hours since March.

Could we see the label on the drive?

Have you consulted WD’s online warranty checker?〈=en

Can you show us the component side of the PCB? The date codes on the chips (YWW/YYWW) will tell us their Year and Week of manufacture. There will also be a WWYY date code on the PCB.

Can you tell us the 2060-xxxxxx or 2061-xxxxxx number on the PCB? This will tell us whether you have a Black or Green drive.

Can you upload a HD Tune read benchmark graph? This will tell us whether your drive spins at 7200RPM or 5400RPM.



Sorry for my delayed reply. I couldn’t see your images until they were approved.

The R/N number on the label (701567) matches the number on the PCB artwork and sticker (2060-701567 and 2061-701567). A little Googling also confirms that this PCB number matches the WD1001FALS (and WD1002FBYS / WD7501AALS / WD2003FYYS / WD7502ABYS).

I notice that the date field has a “V” at the end. I’m wondering whether this may be a refurbished or “certified repaired” drive.

Here is a similar drive with the same R/N number and an “H” suffix after the date: (Aug 2010, R/N 701567)

Notice that it says “Recertified” above “SATA / 32MB Cache”.

Here are other drives that don’t have any obvious recertification mark: (Jul 2008, R/N 701567),G-C-169068-3.jpg (Jul 2008, R/N 701567) (Aug 2008, R/N 701567) (Feb 2009, R/N 701567) (Feb 2009, R/N 701567) (Aug 2009, R/N 701622)$(KGrHqN,!lcE5udp,WP)BOjmKRcYdg~~60_3.JPG (July 2011, R/N 771640)

It appears that later versions have different PCBs, ie 2060-701622 or 2060-771640.

Your HD Tune performance graph shows that the width of the band of access time data points is consistent with the rotational latency of a 7200 RPM drive, namely 8.33 msec.

The maximum sustained data transfer rate of 111MB/s is consistent with a 1TB drive that has 3 platters (ie 333MB per platter), so this makes it an older model.

You didn’t show us the component side of the PCB, so I can’t infer its age from the age of the chips. However, the spindle motor has “1138” written on the sticker, so I’m guessing that this may reflect a manufacturing date of Week 38 of 2011, but I’m not confident of that at all. Instead I have a feeling that the drive most probably dates back to 2008 or 2009.

I’m not familiar with WD’s recertified drives, but it would seem reasonable that such a drive should continue to reflect its actual Power-On Hours Count in the SMART report.

I dont really understand how I can show you the component side of the PCB.

Also drive much noisy creaked and vibrated when read and write…

But I returned this HDD to shop where I buy it and asked exchange.

I dont want some suspicious parts in my system. Let’s see how it goes…