Never ending sync

Hi everyone,
I bought my «MyCloud» 2To 2 months ago. Since I configured it, the sync with the files I chose isn’t complete.
At the beginning, I was patient, I haven’t shut down my computer for 2 or 3 days, hoping that the backup will be complete. But it was’nt enough. I turn on my computer everyday, sometimes I let it run for couples of days but it is never complete after month of usage, I have the impression that my computer has to be powered on an entire year for the complete sync

I know that it is working, because when I access to the MyCloud via my explorer or the Android app, I can see every folder I synced, but in them, there are a lot of files missing

When I read the pannel in the notification tray, I always can see big numbers (for example, after 1 hour today using my computer, at the moment, it shows «WDMyCloud (1056 of 396115)» and if i reboot the computer, it will not start from the file it stopped but from the beginning (1 of 396115), is that normal ?

I am connected to my internet box via ethernet (no wifi on my computer) and the mycloud itself is connected via ethernet

On my windows 10, when I open the task manager, the «WD Sync Service» seems to use only between 0 Mbits/s and 0,2 Mbits/s of the network, quite slow for a full ethernet configuration isn’t it ?

I need your help, and I thank you very much


Have you tried resetting the drive using the reset button on the back of the unit? If not, please try that. Also, you can try reinstalling the wd sync.

No, I haven’t tried resetting it, but I turned it off and on, is that the same effect ?

How long should it take in your opinion for a complete 2 To sync normally ?

Thank you for your answer