Networking Dilemma, Mac Monterey And Windows 10

I just noticed something today that never happened before. Not an expert in either, my newest acquisition is a Windows 10 64-Bit. Anticipating my Windows 7 would crash beyond repair, I got a Mac Catalina with upgraded to Monterey. On that Mac I can access my My Cloud external network drive (2TB). I mean that I can enter an address and pull up the drive’s Dashboard. Then, through Finder I can see the contents of the drive and use them. That makes that system slightly more usable since it does not do routine things well. However, as of today I noticed something I do not understand about Windows 10’s connection to the drive. True, I can view the dashboard through a browser by entering its address. Viewing the contents is another matter. I thought that “powercycling” the drive, that is, shutting down the computers, disconnecting and reconnecting the drive, and then powering back up would restore the connection on both computers. So, in the File Explorer when I click on Network, it goes into a search of the PC that never ends. It must have been searching now for about 10 minutes, never opening the drive. But when I open Control Panel to view the devices on the network, I can click on WDMYCLOUD and see the contents. I thought that going through the process of mapping the drive on Windows 10 would make it accessible. It it there on File Explorer, but hangs when I try to view the drive’s contents. Is there a remedy for this? If I upgrade this drive, then I would like to give it to someone with the assurance that the recipient will be able to use it easily. Thanks for the anticipated responses.

Since yesterday I applied fixes that I learned about today. Without disclosing too much, a company that offers a free product that performs backups offers much advice specific to this drive. It seems that users of this drive develop a common problem accessing the drive on Windows 10 after upgrading from 7 or 8. The advice page for this model had about 12 solutions on it. After applying as many as I could accessing the drive is less of a problem although I would not know which one worked. Each one required a reboot; and I was not going to reboot twelve time to test each of the twelve. However, I want to upgrade the drive. I was thinking of one of the G-drives. But I am uneasy about giving this My Cloud to someone else after I have been using it.

Hi @tightpurchaser,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Thank you for getting back. No, I did not open a Support Case. Given the age of the drive, I thought it would not obtain support. Online, because of the age of the device, out of warranty, I cannot use the Dashboard. So, it is staying logged in with an obsolete email address. I will open a Support Case soon. Having gotten into the drive through File Manager, I left it up on my screen, afraid to close out for fear that I might not be able to get into it again. By coincidence, I have a support case. Somebody from WD emailed me this morning about the same time you posted this. So, later I will get back.