Networked computer content not correctly shown in "Network" when USB drive attached to MyNet router

I have a USB HDD attached to my MyNet N600,  I also have two computers (LT1 and LT2) attached to the network.

When I open “Network” on one computer (LT1) and then open the folder for the other computer (LT2) under “Computers”, the contents of the USB HDD attached to the MyNet N600 are displayed instead of the contents of the other computer (LT2).

If I disconnect the USB HBB from the MyNet router, the contents of the other computer are correctly shown.

The contents of the computer I am working on (LT1 or LT2) are correctly shown.


Hello ECSorensen,

That’s weird.

Have you tried resetting the whole network. Unless the names of the devices were mixed up not sure how this can be possible.