Network UPS and AP9617 APC card intolerace!


I have all my PCs being shut down by this network cardy with powershutes, but EX2 Ultra (firmware 5.11.112) struggles to be slave of it (Network UPS → Slave Mode → IP of AP9617 card). In other words AP9617 not respected as a proper master for some uneven reason. Just can’t. Dunno if it is some kind of intolerant behavior I have or whatsoever…

Can’t find any easy solution too… Just yet.

I see following options:

  1. Fix something in settings somehow - your turn!
  2. Setup something on PC’s PowerShute client to trigger shut down of EX2 Ultra
  3. Buy COM to USB cable to connect to my old APC 3000 XL to EX2 Ultra USB - will it work?

Your input is GREATLY appreciated!

As result of support chat I figured out that only 3rd option is possible since EX2 Ultra can’t connect to UPS network cards at all, only via USB interface.

do a quick Google of
apc ups rj45 to usb pinout

some links I found was

its a simple cable to make

I just got a larger UPS for only the NAS and use another UPS for the computers.
This way I can manually set NAS to standby on a power fail.

Also I thought is was PowerChute

I was hopping to use a unix system ie Raspberry Pi to control my devices and computers as I have 4 UPS units - still a work in progress.

COM UPS won’t work even thru APC COM cable and COM to USB adapter (don’t have even basic drivers). Tested. I have VERY old model even with incorrect COM pinout on APC side. As result I added separate cheap APC BackUPS CS-650 with native USB and RJ45.

Now… Periodically I get it disappear with USBDEVFS_CONTROL failed cmd upscan. I think this happens after power scheduled wake up.