Network troubleshooting issues

I will make this short :slight_smile:

everything has been working with no problems for a few months, today when i woke up and went to check a movie there was no network connection on the live hub.

Where you plug in a network cable in the back there would be a light come on an that would show that there was a connection and there was no lite.

I tried different cables, shorter cables, cables that work on my main computer, tested the cables again with a cable tester and all cables seem to be fine.

It is as if the network will not work anymore.

what i have already stored on the hub plays with no problems.

it is still under warrenty but i need to try and recover the videos to move to another hub, and it is used alot to work with my grandson that they think has adht and aspergers, so the hub really helps alot.

anyone have another suggestion that may get the network working again, or to save the video with the shortest amount of downtime.

thanks for any help

My network connection got zapped by a nearby lightning strike a few weeks ago.  Wondering if that or some other surge could be your problem.   I wound up getting a wireless usb adapter.  Also added surge protection to my cable connection on my network.  In my case, it was obvious what caused the problem, but like you I tried everything you describe until I tracked down what was damaged.

what gets me is there was no storm and i have it on a surge protector with my tv for added protection.