Network Source selection - How to read from two sources without having to select each individually?

I need some help with my setup.  I have the WD TV Live Hub and two D-Link DNS-321 Share centers all networked through a D-Link N300+ DI-655 Router.  I have my first DNS-321 Share Center filled and have started using the second share center.  I would like to access both share centers at the same time but the WD TV Live Hub will only allow me to select one Share Center at a time through Network Source selection.  Is there a way for me to use both without having to constantly select each share center individually?  I am not a network guru but I know enough to get around a bit.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

No, unfortunately not from the WD’s capabilities.

Now, it takes some Linux expertise, but it might be possible to “mount” your SECOND ShareCenter FROM your FIRST, thus giving the appearance that all of your storage is actually on the FIRST one from the Hub’s point of view.

If no one here helps with that idea, you could try asking over at the D-Link forums.

1 quick question. Are your DNS-321 populated with 1 or 2 hard drive?

I don’t have a DNS.   I have QNAPs, and they’re both populated with 4 drives.  :)

I have a DNS-323 populated with 2 HDs and they shows as volume_1 and volume_2 on the Live hub.

Each D-Link 321 unit has two hard drives which show up as volume 1 and volume 2 and both are viewable (meaning movies located on volume 1 and volume 2) on the WD Live hub, it’s the second D-Link 321 unit that I can’t see unless I specifically select from network share device.  I’m hoping to find a way that I can see two D-Link 321 units (4 volumes total) at the same time from the WD TV Live Hub.