Network shares, minor difficulty


Hello everyone… I just started using my WDTV Live and I set a network using network shares…

But I have a little problem…

I have my movies in a lot of internal HDDs that I keep somewhere in a box (inactive and not connected) and every time I need to watch a movie, I have an HDD docking station and I just plug the HDD, set it as shared and I can stream anything…

But by the time I unplug the HDD from the docking station, it will no longer be set to “shared” and I will have to set it again… Do you know if and how I could set it in a way that it will always be shared?

Thanks in advance…



Sounds like an OS issue, not a WD issue.


don,t worry there are plenty of wd issue. the unit is ■■■■. after a year of frustration i,m going boxee tv.


Are you plugging the HD Docking Station into your PC, or the WDTV?