Network shares login password


I just got the WD Live and I can watch Youtube ok and listen to 365 radio .

But when I try and access my computers via router I get to the log in  password and get error password not valid .

I am using XP home on one computer and XP Pro on other computer .

I did some reading and says with XP you do not need password .

I wished WD Live gave little more detailed instructions on that subject .


Welcome to the forums.

You don’t need a password, but you do need to make sure your net shares are set so that no password is needed (and that sharing is enabled for “everyone”).  You do this on your computers by right-clicking the folder you want to share, and choose properties, and then the file-sharing tab.

Also make sure your XP PCs workgroup is named “WORKGROUP”.

Hi! Thanks for the reply I will try that  when I get home .

boy I did read a lot about it though today and last night.

Thanks  avril57


Thanks Mkelley  …  that got it to work ok I can now access my music and videos and pictures.

Thanks for your help .


Good for you (and you’re welcome).