Network Shares - Has anyone got a fix or a working firmware?

Getting pretty bored of this now…

Wife has TV Series on a Network Shared folder.

I start the box up /goto folder/ play first episode - all good…

If you click pause, then go back to episode a little time later, it says content not there, media not found. Shared folder not there when you go back. Or you can maybe watch 1 or 2 episodes back to back, then episode 3 will do the same as other snag.

Only fix is hold power button for full restart/or use system restart.

Rolled back 1 firmware from latest one, and still the same…

Is there a working firmware that does not display these symptoms, or is this just the way the hub is/ was ?

No, that’s not normal, nor is it a common issue. My my kids were watching their hub yesterday, and I was using mine quite frequently… I don’t think I have had to reboot mine in over a week. And that was because I added new content and a reboot is required to pick it up.

Thanks.Mmm well thats good in a way, I just need to find the cause.

Using Win 7 and hard wired.

 I can’t see it being a Win issue, as after a box reset it finds them again.

It even crshes out sometimes halfway through a pause/play, and Im sure Ive seen people complain about it crashing halfway through a movie, only happens to me with Xvids right enough.

I did a full reset, but I notice there is still a shadow copy of my old network share folder on the internal hard drive, I thought that might have went.

I will maybe try a format and full reset when I have time, and try one step at a time.