Network Shares Drop

Hi all

I’ve read many threads and forums and haven’t seen a answer for my question.

I can only get my network shares to show if I reset the device to factory settings each time I turn it on. As soon as I finish using it and switch it off, the network shares are dropped and the player cannot locate them again. I just get the spinning orange arrow.

I’ve also noticed I have to reboot the router also. I have a Linksys E4200. Could there be a setting on this that prevents the player from picking up Network Shares?

Any ideas?

There very well may be.

Make sure all of your devices are on the same “Workgroup” name.

Also, try setting the workgroup name to something DIFFERENT than everything else.

I had lots of problems with my Linksys E3000 stealing the role of Master Browser for the workgroup, and not functioning correctly.   I changed the workgroup name on the E3000 so that it is the master browser for a completely different, unused workgroup.

Hi Tony

How do i got about changing the Workgroup name on the actual router?


On the E3000, it’s under the STORAGE tab, then under Administration.

Don’t know if it’s in the same place on the E4200.

I managed to fix my issue.

This is what I did.

  1. Changed my WORKGROUP name on my PC from “WORKGROUP” to “WORKGROUP-UK”

  2. I then inputted the new workgroup name onto my WDTV player via Setup/Network Settings

To change the workgroup on your PC do the following

Go into Control Panel — System and Security — System

Click ‘Advanced system settings’

Click ‘Computer Name’ tab

Click ‘Change’

Type desired workgroup name

Click OK

Reboot PC.

I hope this helps others.