Network Shares and Media Library... Help!

I have no problem getting to the network shares from my computer running windows 7, but when I try to add the folders to the media library it says that they’re read only and can’t be added.  Can somebody tell me what security permissions I need to change to the folders.  I have changed it so that “everyone” can have full control, but still no luck.  Do they have to be in the public folders?  Any help would be much appreciated.  

maybe its means attributes on the folder itself?

do properties on the folder, then on attributes unckeck “read only” and apply OK.

then retest

The files need to be read/write.

To do this:

Right click shared folder, select properties.

Go to sharing tab and click share.

Where ‘everyone’ is already added, change permission level to Read/Write.

At this point you can now add your network share files to your media library. However for me, my wdtv live 3rd gen had been loading for 24 hours now. I think something is amiss :frowning:

^^^ Wow. Unless you have a ridiculous number of files, perhpas music, it really shouldn’t take that long.

The folder in question ‘Movies A-G’ has 569 folders. Each folder has its own movie title - inside these folders is the movie and other relevant info - about 5 files + backdrop Jpegs.

Does that sound like too much?

It sounds like a lot but NOT too much.

I connect to a drive that has at least half that much. I would estimate at ‘least’ 300 folders many with subfolders and all with at least 3 or more files. Its a full 1.5TB drive.

I is able to access it fairly quickly. I would estimate under 1 or 2 minutes max.