Network Setup Question

Hi All,

Above is the network setup that I have at home. My question is that if I setup port forwarding on the DSL Model for the My Cloud to work effectively, will it impact the data flow (web, video etc) to the remaining devices (WiFi Routers, Other devices).

If no then what would be ports you recommend to be forwarded for the My Cloud?

If yes then what would be the ideal way to setup My Cloud from a network setup standpoint.

Thanks for all the help.


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Generally Port Forwarding is used for My Cloud Remote Access from outside your local network. Remote Access Port Forwarding typically doesn’t impact local network access.

Because you have indicated two additional WiFi routers on the network that sit behind the DSL router you would need to ensure those two additional routers are configured properly (ie firewall turned off, using the same ip Address subnet range as the DSL router, DHCP server turned off) otherwise the traffic to/from the My Cloud to devices behind those two WiFi router may not flow properly.

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Question: Is your DSL device a MODEM or a ROUTER? If it’s a MODEM, then all of the devices connected to it will get an IP address assigned by your ISP.

If you’re doing any kind of port forwarding on the DSL box, then it’s not a modem, it’s a router.
And if that’s the case, you shouldn’t need to use WiFi ROUTERS as ROUTERS – just configure them as access points.

That way all devices on your network will be in the same IP subnet.

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Hi TonyPh12345,

You are right, it is a router. It is the Alcatel-Lucent I-240G-D router.

The WiFi routers are acting as access points in that case.

Hi Bennor,

The WiFi routers are on the same IP subnet. So they both have 192.168.x.x addresses.

I will check if the DHCP is turned off but I think on the My Cloud, I do need to set it.

To Both:

What would you recommend as the ports I should set for port forwarding for the My Cloud on the AL Router? Currently, My Cloud is showing that the status is Relay mode.

I allow mine to use UPnP to set them automatically.

Normally, http is port 80, and https is port 43.

Your router may block external traffic on these, so a common alternative is 8080 and 8443.

When you create a port forwarding rule, forward external 8080/8443 to internal80/443. Associate that rule with the MyCloud.

When you configure the MyCloud cloud access manually, specify the external ports, i.e 8080/8443.

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You only need to have one DHCP server running on your local network. Normally you’d turn off the DHCP server in the down stream wifi routers (via their administration screen).

With respect to opening ports you would need to specify the ports in the My Cloud Dashboard > Settings section then port forward those two ports in the main router’s administration section to the My Cloud. You would only need to enable port forwarding for remote access. For local network access port forwarding (and by extension Remote Access) is typically not needed.

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