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How do I change the IP address if I want to assign a static IP?  (And how do I do it if I am using two NICS)?

When using two NICS, are they active/passive or teamed?

All this information  in the user manual:

I looked through it several times and don’t see how to assign a static IP.  Apparently I am overlooking the page - can you tell me which one?

i too need assistance on assigning Static IP. We do not have DHCP Server on the network. Could not find anything mentioning avout the same in Quick Install guide or Admin Guide.

Any assistance will be approciated.

I have only worked with one briefly, but perhaps this will help. I believe the only way to do that would be to Remote Desktop into it and change the network settings.

  • Hook a network cable directly between your computer and the Sentinel.

  • Once the sentinel boot up it should display it’s ip (169.254.x.x)

  • Use RDP to connect to it, log in using the admin account (which you will have had to setup with the Connector before attempting to RDP: e.g. http://wdsentinel/connect)

  • From there just go to the network settings and change the IP.

I also understand that the dual network ports are setup for fail-over, so the primary will maintain the IP until it fails, then the secondary will pick it up.

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I tried your process. Received the following message.

“To help protect the security of your network, you cannot connect to Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 remotely by using the built-in Administrator user account. To manage the server remotely, log in using your administrator user account. Then in the Computers section, click Connect next to the server name to connect to the Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Dashboard.”

New suggestion. I need to tie the external ip to a fixed addrss.

Man, talk about security. . . have you been able to use the /connect feature to do the initial setup? It sounds like if you create a user in the UI after completing the ‘connector’ setup you would be able to RDP with the new account.

Hopefully someone who has one can help you out. . .

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I have mine joined to a domain, so I can log in using a domain admin account.

Sorry, but I don’t remember if i logged in to it with a local account prior to adding it to the domain.