Network problem wdtv

I have a wd 500g external harddisk conected to my macbook.

 I made a network where i can access my macbook and external harddisk trough my wdtv which is in another room attached to the tv.  i use my internet modem to route the network.

It was working fine until the last firmware update i made with wdtv.  Now when i try to watch a movie it doesnt stream fast enough  leaving pausing gaps of seconds.  sometimes the sound wont work either.  So i have to detach my hard disk from my computer and attach straight to the wdtv in order to work, and it has been doing my head in!!!

anyone with same problems?  any ideas?

With the updated Samba in the newest Live and Live plus firmwares, to address the Win Live 2011 login issues, many NAS devices and macs running older versions of Samba seem to have streaming issues.  My Win7 box doesn’t have the same streaming issues.