Network problem: Keep getting 169.x.x.x address on ex4100


Odd problem, I have had an EX4100(2.30.172) for a while and it has been running perfectly. However, two weeks ago it started acting up and became unresponsive on the network. It would not respond to pings nor was the web console available. I tried using a soft reset to fix the problem, but that didn’t do anything. when the unit restarted, the front console was showing a 169.x.x.x IP address, which usually means the device couldn’t reach the DHCP server. The router itself is running fine and issuing DHCP address without issue.

So, I plugged the unit into another router, which was used before replaced, when connected to this router the device responds and gets a DHCP address. I plugged a PC into the router and EX4100 can also be pinged and the web console is available. I checked the network settings and made sure they were set to DHCP, both routers have a reservation for the device.

I then powered the EX4100 and reconnection to active network, when it powers it still gets 169 address. Should I assigning a static address or are there any other ideas?



My personal preference for these sort of devices is to use a static IP Address, rather then DHCP. I would set it to a static IP Address.

In saying that are there any DHCP server logs you can monitor on the routers involved and see if that gives any clues as to why the leases are not being issued to the NAS correctly ?




I’ll echo JediNite on this and your best bet would be to assign it a static IP outside of your DHCP scope range, or if you do, create a reservation on it (depending on your router config).