Network not working at my college

I’m in college and my wd tv live hub will not connect to the network. There is a shared network , so i cant alter it in any way. I tried connecting it wirelessly and with the ethernet cable. Neither will work. It will literally not show up. I can, however, see everyone else’s computers on the network, although i cant access them, theyre there. Help! Thanks! I’m running a windows 7 hp.

Ask your college’s IT department for help.   They’re the only ones that can aid you… 

If you can see other computers, then, obviously, the Hub *IS* connecting to the network.

I can see other computers from MY computer. So that has nothing to do with the live hub, not  a thing. i strongly doubt the IT departement would know a thing about live hubs.

The thing is my live hub say it is connecting. But my computer doesnt show a trace of it. …

How are you connecting the Hub and your PC together?  Are they using two ports, both provided by the college?   Or are you using a switch?  or a Router?

You need to connect the Hub the same way that you connect your PC to the network. For instance, if your PC has to log on to the network, so will your Hub. If your PC is connected as a Homegroup node, so will your Hub have to be. Your IT dept. doesn’t have to know anything about the Live Hub. They should be able to tell you what settings you need to connect any device to their network.

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At home, I had a router.  My computer connected to the router wirelessly, as i would expect it normally would. Here, there is a network i can connect to wirelessly, any one can connect to it. I plug wireless into the live hub and set it to the schools wireless. it says it works. also, i can directly connect the ethernet cord from the live hub into the port that is connected to the wall. I’m not sure if that’s what you were asking? I think im doing the same thing here as at home. I dont know what steps to take to make it work. Thanks so much for the help everyone, i really need it.

Also, my IT department at my school never got back to me, so I’m depending on you guys.

When you go into Network Setup and do a Check Network, what does it say?

It says thats it’s connected successfully.  (Thanks for the help by the way)