Network drop-out after (longer) sleep

I’ve had my MyCloud Mirror 4TB unit up and running for a months time, well up and running sort of. 

Aperiodically it loses network connection. I can have longer periods when it is responding/waking up in the morning, then on oher days access point or device needs to be reset/restarted.

The problem always happens after a longer period of sleep, like during night time. During day, when the device can be inactive for a few hours it responds to scheduled backups or access. 

I’ve got the unit hooked up to a wifi repeater with LAN connection. this device is working and online so everything points at the MyCloud mirror unit.

There’s been countless posts by other owners pointing at the same issue It cannot be a coincident since I gather the network scenarios to be too many, and where as a result the MyCloud Mirror is the only commonality. 

Coming week I’ll conduct a few more tests but right now I am prepared to give up on the product, take the pain of restructuring data, return it and find something else.

However I still have not lost hope that WD have a solution or can present a solution. 



Setup a static Ip to the unit, to have a better connectivity and make sure that the unit does not get disconnected from the network.

If you turn the sleep mode off, Does the same happens?

ok thanks will try that. 

Have however read that several others tried static IP without any change. 

As for sleep mode vs none, no as that would in any event defeat the purpose of having a NAS, plus reduce longevity of the drives. Sleep mode off would not be a solution per se.

This morning waking up on my main computer the unit was reported both online and the NAS was working which denotes the aperiodic aspect of the problem.