Network drive shuts down router

I have had a My Book Live for about 3 months with no issues.  This morning, after being online for a while, my internet connection was lost on my laptop, connected to router Dlink DIR 615 via ethernet. 

I went to look at the router and it would continually reboot (shut off, then power back up, and shut off again).  When I unplugged the router, then rebooting will stop.  When I plug the drive back in, it does it again so it seems like the culprit, just not sure why all of a sudden…any ideas?


Have you try to connect the drive directly to your computer? If so, it is accessible?

Also, try a different CAT-5 cable, you will not believe how many issues can create a bad cable.

It’s possible that the drive is somehow stressing the router and forcing it to reset, do you have another router you can try?

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Thanks for responding.   Your suggestion is similar to Dlink support, that the drive was overpowering the router. 

Since it seemed like my existing Dlink router was having issues, I went and got a new replacement, same model, different firmware, etc.  I was up til that point happy with that setup,   However the new one also  seemed to have similar issues.  I replaced it with another brand/model and do not have the issue anymore.

Thanks again.

There you go :slight_smile: