Network Drive Password HELP(!) for a non-techy!

*disclaimer -   i am a complete tech novice so please bare with me… and thank you upfront for any replies / help to my problem but please do bare this in mind… you have to reply in complete layman’s terms for me to understand! ;o)

I have recently set up my MBLD 8TB version. I created 2 “shares” (i assume these are users), one for me and one for the mrs.  Already present was the “ADMIN” which to my recollection i did not change any of the settings. 

I can access all my shared files from my PC (through the network location icon), iPhone, iPad.  However! When i try to access MBLD through the wd2go website, i log in using my registered user email / password (which is different to my login on the users) and I click on my devices and it is here i am asked for this “Network Drive Password”. This also happens when i go though the WD Dashboard Icon on my desktop.

I have tried all my passwords and nothing works; please help as its driving me nuts! 

actually - when i click on click on MBLD icon on desktop i am asked to “enter owner password”

Is this the same as the “Network Drive Password”?

Either way, I can’t access through both avenues and there is no “forgot password” link… 

How do i get into my machine??   

iYappy wrote:

 I created 2 “shares” (i assume these are users)

No, they’re not the same thing.

Shares are “containers,” or “folders” for data.   

Users are users.    

In the setup, you assign priviledges to shares for each user.  

Each user can either have Read, Read/Write, or NO access to each share according to how you set up the share permissions.

Shares can also be set to PUBLIC, meaning anyone that can access the drive will have Read/Write access to the share, without needing a user ID or password.

When you set up Cloud Access, you did so for a specific user.  

When you’re logging into WD2go, you’re first providing the credentials you created (email address and password) for the SERVICE, not the device.

When you then log in and select the device, you’re asked for the password for the USER that you’ve allowed access.

So if your MBLD User is “Bob”, when you select the MBLD after logging into wd2go, you provide the password assigned to the user “Bob.”

Thank you Tony! 

So infact i have only created 2x ‘shares’ and only have one user! 

How do i find out the details for that one user?  I don’t recal setting up a user name and password other than what i had registered for the service… 

Log into the MBLD’s user interface using your web browser.

Select the Users section and go from there – you can edit share permissions for each user.

Alternatively, after logging in, you can look at the list of shares and edit user permissions for each share, there, too.

If you’ve not set any passwords, I don’t think that’ll work.   I think that remote connectivity using the apps requires a password be set for the user, but I’m not certain of it (because I’ve always set passwords myself.)

Forgive me, but how do I Log into the MBLD’s user interface using my web browser?

Where do i find the Users section? 

The only time I’m able to login is when i go through WD2go website and i Log in to the service.  This then shows my device and when i click on this it asks for the Network Drive Password.  And if i don’t click on the device but use the little box and try to view the list of shares i’m still directed through to the page that ask for the Network Drive Password before i proceed any further… 

iYappy wrote:

how do I Log into the MBLD’s user interface using my web browser?

Where do i find the Users section? 

You and the manual probably need to spend some time together.  ;)