Network Discovery keeps turning itself back OFF

hi everytime i reboot my machine the Network Discovery keeps turning itself back OFF   apart from that alls good only had for one day.

should i leave the nas  on all the time ? and router ? as i had habit of turning everything off at night . last night kept drive on but turned pc and router off the nas was flashing orange all night long but when i switched back on went to blue. its working wel with my wd tv live.

Network discovery could turn itself off if Windows has the corresponding setting in the network and sharing center (under advanved options).

For example, but default file and printer sharing is turned off for public networks, just like network discovery. Check your settings to see how Windows considers you current network, and the settings for that type of network.

ive tried all those settings but rebboting network file sharing reverts to off.

also ion the quick view


  1. Right- or left-click the WD Quick View icon in the system tray to display a menu. 2. Move the pointer over or click to select your WD My Cloud Personal Cloud Storage device and display a submenu

my submenu only has WD smartware and exit WD smartware none of the other options like it reads in the manual like dasboard map etc is this right ?.