Network control of the wd live hub

Hi everyone,

Im loving the WD TV live i have tow or three dotted around the place, ive been able to use them for all sorts of stuff. My question is can you or has anyone done a network UI control, maybe installing something like VNC and contolling it etc. I know you can get the remote control via the network, but i want to be able to see the UI while in another room or buliding via a computer screen. Any one tried this or know how i would get vnc or something like it to work etc, any help would be much appreceiated :slight_smile:

Many Thanks,


No, you can’t use a VNC, that would require installing VNC server software on the HUB and that can’t be done.

The closest that you can get is to use the web interface, type your HUB’s ip address in your browser (Default Password: admin), then you will have the option to use a virtual remote to control your HUB.  No UI interface though.

Thanks i thought that was the case, big shame, yeah new about the remote been using that, but i want to be able to see what im doing :slight_smile:

If only their was a way