Network Connection Problem - Windows 8.1

I have a new Windows 8.1 computer which has previously connected to my WDTVLive through Windows Explorer-Network without any problems.  Now, when I click on the WDTVLive, I get the error “Windows cannot access \…”.  I can, on rare occassion, connect to the device but not very often.

I’ve downloaded the WD Discovery tool and scanned for the WDTVLive but I get nothing.  I’ve also uninstalled anything that I have installed since the last time I could access the box correctly but still nothing.

I know the WDTVLive has connected to my ADSL modem correctly as I can access the net from the WDTVLive (YouTube etc).

I can only assume that something has been altered in my network settings on the Windows box but I can’t seem to find what that might be.  Any help appreciated.

Hello, your computer and the WDTV must be connected to the same router, you can try pressing the reset button on the WDTV to restore the factory configuration. If the problem continues, try setting a static IP for the WDTV. 

Thxs for the reply.  The computer and WDTV are both connected to the same router and both have IP’s but the WDTV is currently set to DHCP so I’ll change that to static and see how it goes.