Network connection - about ready to give up and return WD MyCloud

It doesn’t matter how great the concept, if it doesn’t work, it’s worthless. I’ve now spent HOURS trying to get this thing to work and I’m about ready to give up. Disconnects occur whether the ethernet cable is connected to the wireless router, or directly to the computer. 

It shouldn’t be this difficult. I shouldn’t have to hack into the drive to get it to work.

I’d be better off just carting an external drive around with me. It seems to lose the connection when there are large file transfers going on. It’s anybody’s guess whether or not there would be problems with single or smaller-volume transfers, since they aren’t likely to happen if I can’t get the data on it in the first place.

Very frustrating. I strongly suspect this will be reset to factory and go back to Best Buy.

I have asked Support to contact you at the requested hours.

Thanks for the quick and timely help.

Support did a factory reset, which retained the data I have been able to transfer, and so far the drive seems to be functioning without any problems. I’ve been able to transfer over 10 GB so far without any disconnect, and it’s still running.

Well, I spoke about 10 seconds too soon. It has, once again, disconnected.

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Of course it did, because this thing is junk in its current state.

I totally agree with the OP here (where you said, “It shouldn’t be this difficult. I shouldn’t have to hack into the drive to get it to work.”).

WD needs to get this fixed, or we’re all going to return them, and buy something from another maker.


Tech support has been amazing and I am cautiously saying the drive is now working as intended. I transferred over 15 GB to it yesterday without any problem.

Tech support call #2: What they did

Used SSH to download the firmware to the drive and install it.

Changed the connection to static.

I also recommend using something like TeraCopy to copy large volumes to the drive. It’s much faster than the Windows copy, and you get an error report.