Network Attached NAS Files not Showing


If I share files via my PC I can see all the files on my NAS (USB Attached), when I network attach the NAS I can’t see the MKV files. Any suggestions.



Are viewing via media server or net shares?  Media servers often cannot see MKV files (but net shares should be able to properly).

And I don’t know what a SAN is – you don’t mean NAS, do you?

SAN usually means a fiber-channel based Storage Area Network, which I don’t think applies here… :slight_smile:

Hi, SAN in this instance is a network attached storage device . In network attaching the external storage,  don’t need to have the PC to view the photo’s and movies. Peter

What menu path on the WDTV Live are you using to access the files?

(By the way, it’s NAS, not SAN.  :) )

Yes your right it’s NAS

Process followed was on the WD unit was,

* Video,

* Network Share,

* NAS and

* Share Documents to locate the folder with the MKV files.

Thanks Mike for the pick up

Ah, I *thought* it was a dyslectic issue .

If you can see your net shares but it says “no supported media in folder” or something to that effect I’d try resetting the Live (and you’ll have to enter all your information in again, etc.)  Also make sure you unplug it from power for at least 10 minutes.

OK, believe I have narrowed down the issue to the Ritmo 650 NAS device. it appears that files that are larger than 1.5gb are unable to be viewed when network attached.  The version of the firmware is V0.2.0 and I have been unable to find a newer version to possible fixed the issue.

Wow, that’s a really weird limitation.

You might want to mark your own answer as the “solution” to your problem just in case someone else has this exact same issue (so it might help them as well).

And my immediate thought would be whether the format of the disc made any difference (IOW, if it’s FAT formatted can you format it as NTFS and, if so, whether that solves the problem).

Thanks Mike

Will do, just trying to find the latest firmware for a Ritmo 650 LAN unit to confirm if this is a known error or not. The current Firmware version is 0.2.0