Network Activity during Standby Mode

Hey peeps!

I have my WDTV Live SMP connected to a TP-Link Powerline Adapter (AV500 Nano) for network connectivity but the trouble is my TP-Link devices are supposed to go into ‘LOW POWER/SLEEP MODE’ when no network activity is detected…, annoyingly they do not!!

Having read an old post on these forums about network activity during standby I wonder if anyone has the same problem and if so has anyone found a way to stop the SMP network activity during standby?? Assides of course switching off the mains plug!

Of course there will be network activity.   It’s still on the network.   

It’s still monitoring servers.

It’s still checking the time.

It’s updating the media library.

It’s checking the weather.

If that’s troublesome, then disconnect the network cable.

Or go to deep standby (OFF > 5 secs).

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Slinky - just wondering how you like the TPLink powerline adapters.  Any problems streaming video to your WDTV Live SMP?  Any dropouts or bufering, etc?

Hi Tony,

Thanks for your input, I guessed you might chip in since you dealt with the old post about his issue. However my question was as not so much why there is network activity but has anyone else experienced this when using TP-Devices and if so have they found a solution? Perhaps it was not clear to you but I am specifically wanting to know if anyone else has found a work-around to the TP-Link devices not sleeping?

I did try disconnecting the network cable from the back of the SMP which did indeed allow my TP device to sleep but it’s not practical to do this each and every time I have finished using my SMP.

IMHO Standby should mean exactly that! Standby and awaiting instructions from the RC Unit.

Techflaws wrote:

Or go to deep standby (OFF > 5 secs).

Hey Techflaws,

Can you elaborate on the deep standby? How does this differ from normal standby and what is the official WD take on this? Is there any info or posts which could explain this to me?

SlimyPizza wrote:

Slinky - just wondering how you like the TPLink powerline adapters.  Any problems streaming video to your WDTV Live SMP?  Any dropouts or buffering, etc?

Hey SlimyPizza,

I bought my TP-Link adapters the same time as my SMP and so far I’ve been pretty impressed. Originally my router was plugged in upstairs by my desktop pc but this has always bothered me as my broadband speeds were quite slow and the advice is to always have your router connected to your master socket which in my case is in a cupboard by my front door.

I bought 2 x AV500 Nano Kits 500 Mbps and now have one connected to my router which is now plugged into my BT matersocket, one connected to my WDTV Live and one connected upstairs to my PC. My down speed has increased from 3.2 Mbps to 5Mbps which is still pretty rubbish but so far I have not experienced any drop outs or buffering at all. I’ve managed to stream a couple of 2 hr long movies without any obvious issues.

If only I could get this darn sleep function to work! I’ve posted in the TP forums and the advice is that something on my network must still be communicating. Clearly my SMP is the culprit as Tony suggests but it would be nice if standby actually meant STANDBY!

If your considering any powerline adapters I would recommend the AV500 Nano’s (TL-PA411KIT), you get two in a box for around £24 from our favourite rainforest retailer. (hint hint) :stuck_out_tongue:

Not much to elaborate on. It’s practically off consuming 0.1 Watts or so and the only thing that works is turning it on.

Hey Techflaws,

Thanks for that, I will try this later this evening and see if my TP Link goes to sleep, finally! Poor thing looks very tired! LOL!

When I put my player in deep standby my netgear power adaptor goes to sleep.

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Hey RichUK,

Thanks for your feedback, I was hoping someone with a similar/same device might contribute to this post! I will remain optermistic and give it a go later.

Many thanks

Hooray…, another small success! :smileyvery-happy:

Thanks to all who commented here, especially to TechFlaws who originally suggested Deep Standby as a possible solution to my issue and also RichUK who confirmed that this had worked for his Netgear Powerline Adapters.

I am pleased to confirm that ‘Deep Standby’ is the way to go for anyone experiencing the same difficulties.

You little beauties!