Network Access to router without internet possibly?

Hey All

I have a WD TV Live in my kids media room and was wondering if it’s possible to have network access so I can transfer files wirelessly (as it’s a pain to put files on a usb and then transfers those files from the usb back to the WD)…but not have an internet service to the WD so I don’t have the kids accessing the internet from it…

I only want the network access to transfer files wirelessly.

I have a second WD in the loungeroom that works fine on my home network  and I have been able to access the kids WD successfully but want to disable interent access.

If there is a process that it possible to acheive this, can someone please enlighten me ?

Many Thanks in Advance


Have you tried block access to the internet for the WDTV IP\MAC address in your router?

Thanks for the reply Braumeister :) 

Ok …I’ll show my newby stripes now and ask where and how do I acheived that?..


I am sure you can access your router via a web interface. The specifics I am sure vary from router to router. For my Netgear it is under “Access restrictions”.  The you can setup a list of clients and specify when they can access the internet or always deny.  Consult your manual or user forums for you specific router.

Ok made it back from too-ing and fro-ing emails to my routers “support” team

…they said that router (belkin n600 DB) doesnt have that feature. I was wondering if there is a way to edit the network settings on the WD to be able to get a network connection (for file moving) and not allow the internet to be used. I see a lot of forums with routers saying that they have probelms with there network setup that they can get a network connection but can’t get the internet to work. Thats pretty much what I’m looking for.

The manual setting thats in the WD network setup ie IP address, subnet mask, Gateway, or DNS …can those be edited to make the network usable without the internet ?



Manually set a non-existant IP for your gateway and you’re done. E.g.


PC on LAN:




I basically did same recently for an XP computer I wanted to still be on my network, but not have internet access anymore.  I gave the laptop a fixed IP (what it previously was) and set the gateway to nothing (not auto) , just left it blank.  It works as I want it to.