Network 1 to Network 2 via Internet - phone memory limit

Hi All

I have 2 networks in two locations (Network 1 - Apartment in Korea and Network 2 - House in Australia).

Both of these Networks are joined together via WD My Cloud App (android).

So I want to copy files from one to the other via Internet.

The file transfer limit size seems to be limited to spare phone memory size. I want to copy a 1 GB file from Network 2 to Network 1. I select the file in the APP and PASTE it to the other Network. The error code says “Not enough Memory”.

Why does it just copy directly from Network 1 to Network 2 and not via my Phone.

If you try to copy & paste via the app, it will first make use of your phone available space as a temporary location before moving it to the final destination. The default cache size is 1GB. To increase, click on to the app left top menu (or left edge swipe) -> settings and increase the cache as you need. Mine set to 21GB (depending on phone capacity).

For your last question, a cache space is needed to perform this network to network transfer. This is the same concept if you were to transfer between two networks on pc via wd2go remote access. The transfer is done via WebDav so there’ll be no tunnel or proxy relays in between.

If you’re comfortable with linux shell, you could also perform direct transfer between the two nas via sftp/scp or even the less secure ftp after doing some proper port forwardings on both networks. This however is not supported by WD.