Nether of my windows machines are recognized by WD Discovery

After loads of messing with PC’s network cables, router and I phone app, removing WD app from my desktop and Laptop cleaning files and reinstalling. I now have the drive and existing files showing on web and phone and breathing LED cleared to solid LED. But WD does not recognize the drive on either of my windows machines so is pretty useless. Do I need to give up and buy a new NAS I have tried to removing the drive and rebooting to update the drive firmware to no avail. I’m aware WD have stopped supporting WD discovery (cos it tells me every time I click on it). But I didn’t realise it was going to make drive redundant also. Am I missing something or can anybody point me to a solution please?

Cheers Chris

A lot of disjointed thoughts and actions going on here and they don’t seem to be very coherent.

This just sounded like you haven’t used the My Cloud Home (MCH) for a long time, assuming that is what you have (WD white top, silver bottom unit), and now you have successfully reconnected it to the internet and it is accessible by the mobile as well as the web (browser) app.

Now you are asking why you can’t access it by Windows.

Please refer to the short videos at the landing page for this MCH subforum which will explain how a user will access the MCH locally, now that WD Discovery is no longer supported on the Desktop for the MCH.

and the Knowledge Base