Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ 4 Disk and WD TV Live Hub

HI everyone,

 I’m planning to buy the Netgear ReadyNAS NV+ 4 Disk NAS Enclosure SATA Hot-Swap GBLAN X-RAID RAID 0/1/5 256MB Diskless (RND4000-100NAS) which is on special price this week at NCIX.

  1. Is this NAS easy to setup with the WD TV Live Hub ? Any previous posts on how to do this easily please guide me.

  2. I don’t want to use the RAID thing on it, just put HD ISO files on it (Blu-ray and DVD), can I desactivate that thing.

  3. If I put 3TB hard-drives in it, will I have a problem with the 2.2TB limitations ?

Thanks for helping me and maybe others.


1- Like any other NAS, just set public access.

2- Check with me manufacturer of the NAS.

3- Network shares are seen as entire volumes, so 300MB or 17TB shows the same. The limitation is for USB drives.

I have a ReadyNAS Duo. The WDTV Live Hub worked with it right out of the box. The Duo’s media share is a public folder, so no special setup required to access. The WDTV Live Hub found the share without any problem. My understanding is that all ReadyNAS devices are configured the same way. You shouldn’t be disappointed.

If you need any advice on setting up the ReadyNAS, go to . My understanding of network shares, is that there are no limitations imposed on the client. Your setup of the NAS will need to respect its hardware limitations. There are instructions on the forum on how to set up the NAS without RAID. Do this before adding any data.