I need desperate help I have the 1tb live hub when i go to watch Netflix on it, for some reason the picture is zoomed in. I have talked to Netflix and after trying a bunch of stuff they are blaming WD I go to other sites like youtube ex. and it works fine the picture is great and not zoomed in. Its just Netflix, so they are saying when they put the Netflix on this they must have installed it wrong.  Has anyone else had issues with this and is there anyone out there that could help me.

You’re the first person to report such behavior…

How are you connected to your TV?   HDMI / COMPONENT / COMPOSITE…

Are the MENUS zoomed as well, or just the content?

Can you take a pic with your cellphone and post it to some place like Imageshack?

Netflix is an integral part of the firmware and not a stand-alone program, so it’s not likely that the problem is just with Netflix. As Tony said, we need more info on your setup to proceed.