Netflix UI changes

Netflix has updated the UI slighly. This is independent of any firmware update. The UI is downloaded from Netflix when you start the Netflix app. The WDTV just has a core WebKit interface.

The most obvious changes:

  Hitting OPTION to show the resolution now lists as 240 SD, 384 SD, 480 SD, 720p HD, 1080p HD instead of the old Low/SD, Medium/SD, etc…

  If you try to back out of the main screen, it now asks if you want to exit Netflix. Before, I think you had to hit the HOME button to get out of Netflix.

Some have reported issues with Netflix not starting, or with multiple episode viewings getting stuck. I wonder of this update may fix some of those bugs, too?


Thanks for sharing the changes.

Normally updates are made to improve the functionality of the devices and to reduce the processing time on the device.