Netflix stall problems

I have a very fast connection 30Mbps. When I watch a Netfix show, typically it runs fine for about 1/2 hour. Then it pauses and reloads the buffer. Once this happens, it keeps doing this every minute or so. If I reboot the device, I get another 1/2 hour and it load the buffer very fast. Roku XD has the same issue. I am running Time Warner - road runner DOCSIS 3.0 connection. Netflix on my computer is never an issue. I connect to the router wired.

I have tried turning off the router firewall, changing the WD dns address all without any sucess.

Placed many calls to Time Warner, messages on the Roku forum, all no help.

I amhoping that someone on this forum is smarter.

The fact that both your WD device and your Roku do the same thing most likely indicates that the problem is not caused by the Roku or the WD. Most users here do not have any problems with Netflix.

OK, I came to the conclusion. However, that does not help fix my problem. Time Warner does not help either.

Are there any settings in your modem for Connection Type such as: Always attempt to connect, Connect on demand, Smart keep alive, etc? Are there any settings for Connection timeout, IP address lease time, etc? Perhaps you can change one of the modem settings. It sounds like your router is dropping the connection.

No, the settings are very limited on my router. Many times when I have the problem, I run to my computer and run a speed test. I always get a good ping and about 30Mbps download. It seems like some kind of blip is sent to the box that messes up WD and RoKu, because once it fails it won’t reload without constant stalls. But a fast reboot does the trick.

I have a real old RoKu that has the stall, but does “fix” itself. I don’t know what kind of packet would mess with streaming boxes? I also wonder if the faster connection and DOCSIS may contribute in some way. That is beyound my expertise.

Just for giggles, try “downgrading” your quality settings in the NetFlix website.

For the US, I believe NetFlix defaulted everyone’s account to HIGH.

If it works at the lower quality settings, that’s a big hint.