Netflix saving logon information

I’m new to the wd tv live I’m used to using netflix with my blu-ray which once the one time i log in to netflix it would not ask me again …I log on with the wd live and i have to enter my email and password every time in want to use the service i find it hard to believe that there is not a way to save the information on the wd unit so next time it will default to the saved log/pw…am i doing something wrong …also it seems to take forever to get into netflix with this unit do others have the same problem…I’m using wifi…about 3 foot away from the rotor and the wifi test comes up good…i’m using   divice 1.03.10

and it says its the latest  up date…thank you

Is it telling you that the service has been deactivated each time?

no I can get in fine but i find it a pain that you have to enter a log on and pw everytime i go into netflix,

Similar problem here: After not using Netflix for a few days, I have to re-enter my netflix credentials

On the login screen there’s a box to have your credentials saved.  Did you check it?