Netflix RW/FF Function

I have a WDTV Live Plus Box with the latest firmware 1.06.16,  have been using it hardwired to a 7 Mbps service for a few months now and overall it works well except that if I use the medium or fastest FF (FAST FORWARD) button to let it scroll ahead in a tv show/movie, after I’ve gone ahead maybe 5 mintues the preview thumbs become black… it seems the stream showing the thumbs can’t keep up. If I play the movie, and then go back to the FF or RW (say, using the manual step by step forward/rewind funciton using the arrow keys), after about a minute the thumbs catch up and fill in.

Today I went to a 32 Mbps (again hardwired) service, I get a constant 32 Mbps at all times (confirmed on my PC), but I still have the same issue with Netflix. Also, I notice the movies and shows load in about the same amount of time as with the 7 Mbps, around 10 seconds.

Is this maybe more of an issue with the WDTV Live Plus buffer? Or maybe Netflix itself? I am in Canada and have my quality setting set to highest in my account (but the thumbs fail to keep up even on non HD content).

Netflix FF Preview

I have encounter this issue, it happens some times only, because of the randomness of this, I have not been able see if is an issue with WD TV or Netflix. I think is related to both, the buffer of the WD TV and Netflix…

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Yeah, I used to wonder if it was an issue with my 7 Mbps service not being fast enough, but with 32 Mbps (whis is constant with a hardwired connection with my IPS, at all times of day), this shouldnt’ be an issue with that.