Netflix Puerto Rico ( US territory )


I currently own two Gen 2 WD TV Live Plus , and recently bought the WD live SMP and have been very happy with it till the latest update. The WD model sold here is the US version, Netflix is legally supported and available here and i’ve been using it since they activated it in july 1, 2011. I would please like the geolocation to include us as I strongly disagree to be left out for something that is valid here. Will downgrade meanwhile, please WD fix this.


Completely agreed with your comments. I’m also in Puerto Rico and had no problem with Netflix in my WDDHG70000 up to install yesterday the new Firmware version 1.07.15. No Netflix, no Huluplus, no Pandora. What to do to fix it or how to re-install previous version?


Just go here and download the file on the top right under “WD  TV Live Streaming Media Player” and download the file Firmware Ver. 1.06.04 zip file, unzip it and put the three files on a pen drive. Coonect the pen drive to the WD TV Live and turn it off by leaving the power button pressed for 6-8 seconds for a total shutdown. Turn it back on and it will display a message that it has detected a new firmware revesion, do the update ( which really all iot does is take you back to the previous version where netflix works like a charm ). After the update completes, take off the pen drive and go to Setup > System >Auto Detect New Firmware and turn it off so you dont get the message to take you back to the netflixless version. That’s the current fix while WD does something to include PR. If you got any problems, write me back.

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