Netflix menu change?

First off, I’m running FW v.1.06.16.   So today I go to watch some MacGyver on Netflix and I notice the menu looks much like the Netflix site - Instant Queue strip on top, then other strips below with different genres and recently watched, etc.  and a search button on top.  I did not upgrade the FW in between this time, but yesterday and days before that I had a wonderful menu on the left with Instant Queue, Genres, etc and the tiles were on the right hand side and I would see about 8 titles at a time.  Anyone know what may have happened?  Cause I find this new menu to be horrible.

Netflix controls the UI now. You’ll see that same menu on any device running Netflix 3. I admit that I prefer that old menu better as well, but the only recourse is to complain to them.

I also do not like the new Netflix interface. I found the old one to be much better.

…off to the Netflix website to complain.

Thank you both for the explaination.  I didn’t know Netflix could just change it up like that without a FW update for each device.  I guess I’m off to complain to Netflix as well! 

Ya, Netflix changed their system.

Essentially they now just provide an HTML5 page, and the WD displays it.  WD has no control over what’s in the interface, and Netflix can change it at will, without needing any updates from WD.

The good news is that Netflix can change it anytime, to fix things, without needing new FW from WD.

The bad news is that Netflix can change it anytime, to break things, without being able to block the changes. :wink:

It **bleep**. I thought  my WD box was having some kind of Netflix breakdown and displaying the menu in 4x3, cutting off the left side menu stuff. Instead I find out that Netflix put some moron in charge of UI developement or was listening too much to some wife that complained about having to press a button a few times to watch something.

This menu if frikin horrible, I also thought the update messed up the UI somehow. That is the reason why I came on this forum to see if I can fix it. They really messed it up, it was perfect before.

Yes, the new GUI is HORRIBLE, I was very dismayed to see it.  It is almost useless to browse with.  Whereas before you had a nice cascading menu of categories & sub categories, now you have to scroll vertically through who knows how many categories to find one you want, and then once you find a category,  there is no “see all”!!  So you are stuck scrolling horizontally through your category (which only displays 5 for the whole screen width), while the rest of the verticle space on your screen is taken up by the rows of categories you have already decided you are not interested in.  I want to fill my whole screen with my chosen category and be able to page vertically through it.

Good luck in getting netflix to be responsive to us however, check this out, new interface feedback apparently this change was a result  of the changes they made to their website back in June, which is universally hated.  It seems the changes are now  being rolled out to various streaming devices.

It looks  like NF is digging their heels in and is sticking with this new GUI, their arrogance is really starting to get annoying, esp the statement from their corporate spokesmouth saying that they did surveys & tested the new IF and everyone loves it, what a bunch of bull.

I hope Michael Spiegelman is listening. What he considers an improvement in the UI is [Deleted]. What he really is saying is we want to force users to think they like this new UI so they don’t have to create two different ones - One for PC’s and one for On Demand. This new interface is incredibly bad. Not only does it look bad, the limit (typically 75 or less) on visible movie icons is a major step backwards. Pay attention to your customers NetFlix!

Has anyone found an official link where we can send Netflix feedback on the new (not so good) interface? I called them because I could not find a good place to write about my complaint.