Netflix for WD TV Live?

I purchased this at Costco Ottawa about 2 years ago (~Dec 2011). Product number is WDBAAN000NBK-00.

I bought it for two reasons: 1) Netflix, and 2) Play video from media share on home network.

For 1), Netflix Canada app was missing in early firmware but promised from what I recall. For 2), playing video over home network was horrible - choppy and unwatchable.

I applied updates early and often waiting for Netflix Canada app to appear. In the meantime, I have only been able to use this with a USB HDD. This was not the original intended use, because it was expensive and cheaper non-networked options were available at the time. Eventually I gave up waiting and disconnected from my home network and Internet, so I had not picked up any updates for a long time.

Tonight I decided to give updating one more try, to see if WD finally added Netflix Canada app to their firmware. I connected it to the Internet, and now I have 1.06.43_V on it which is the latest firmware. However, there still no Netflix Canada. Where the **bleep** is it?

I am trying to piece together what happened? This was promised. They advertised this feature, right? The Netflix logo was on the box and all over the promo material on the website. Is there a trick to make it appear? I see so much confusing and contradictary information on this forum, and I cannot make sense differentiating the names of all the models. Hopefully someone can clear this up for me.

Netflix was only supported on the WDTV Live Plus which apart from that is identical to the WDTV Live. Don’t the product number of the first though.

You have the original WD live player which does not support Netflix. The WD live plus was introduced to play Netflix in the US. 

See WD explanation here