Netflix causes device reboot

I’ve been watching a lot of Netflix since i got the WD TV Live Plus last week and I’ve had the device reboot on its own 4 times now. Three reboots happened when I was at the end of an episode (right when the credits start to roll) and I pressed the back key and the 4th reboot happened on its own while just playing an episode. Is this is a known issue?

You can check the link below for this.  I can’t remember whether I’ve seen it or not.  But I think I have.  You can post if you find it, since the firmware’s are going to be so similar.

This happened to me also last night while watching Prison Break from Netflix, very annoying.

Just happened again to me, complete reboot while watching an episode of Lost. Anyone from WD know what’s going on?

This is a known issue in the Netflix service. We’re working on it with Netflix.