NetFlix Canada - Can I actually stream it from my mac?

Hi, I recently got the WD TV Live Plus. 

   Seems great so far and plays pretty much everything types of files I need. 

I got it in California but i’m flying back to Canada next week ( my actual home ). 

I just read yesterday that Netflix wouldn’t work up there, which is pretty lame. I hope it will be fixed in the following months. 

Although, I was wondering if I could stream Netflix from my Mac to the WD box/Tv screen. And also, can I mirror my computer screen on the TV ?


Unfortunately, there’s no timescale on when WD will fix Netflix for Canadian users. You can stream Netflix to the WD TV using PlayOn software for the PC. I’m not sure what the equivalent is for Mac users. There’s no way to mirror your desktop on the TV using the WD TV that I know of…

thanks for the reply… I’m actually reading on Playon.

seems like the number one solution for my question. 

Do you have any idea if it’ll work if using Netflix Canada, or do I still need to use Netflix USA for it ? Because I’ve also read about using a VPN program in order to generate a US based IP, and then using Netflix USA. But here is another 30$ subsciption to add. 

But if anyone ( or you ! ) had experienced using Netflix CANADA with Playon… let me know

thanks ! 

Give up now on WD and buy a  Boxee.

WD does not give a Dam n about Canadians. Hence all the refurbs being given away at Giant Tiger, Factory Direct etc etc.

The product manager for the Live+ shoudl eb fired for incompetence