Netflix audio and subtitles settings PERMANENT

Is there any way to make the Audio and Subtitles settings in Netflix permanent? I hate having to set those every time I want to watch something on there. The WDTV box has these settings under Setup; is there no way for Netflix app to read those settings and apply them automatically?

Could we at least make the “Audio” and “Subtitles” buttons on the remote control work for Netflix app the way they do for local videos?

No, there is no way, and I don’t think there ever will, as the PS3’s Netflix app (and a few others I’ve used) doesn’t support this either. Maybe it’s something that has to do more with Netflix than with Western Digital.

There is a way. Go to PC and log into your acct. Select BEST QUALTY from your viewing preferences, and it will try to give you the best picture and sound. I use this and I NEVER have to make any seleciton for audio or video, anything in HD or DD 5.1 plays in that format. 

I’ve had that setting at BEST QUALITY for as long as I can remember, but occasionally the audio that is selected is stereo. And I still have to select the subtitles everytime. Netflix on the Apple TV remembers that I want English subtitles and automatically enables them.

Relatively few movies on Netflix are DD5.1 (mostly TV shows).Even HD is a small subset (relative) to the entire collection here. I was recently watching a mini-series of 12 episodes which was all HD and DD5.1 over several days, and never had to select video or audio settings. 

 There’s no way to pre-select subtiles in the profile, and most of what I’ve seen is dubbed movies in the USA, anyway.  There’s a ton of stuff I would rather see with subtitles, myself since I don’t like the remixed soundtracks and like to hear the original actors voices.