Netflix and subtitles

I just got my WDTV live hub and I really like it.  I hooked up netflix on and i noticed there are no subtitles.  Looked though all the menus and did not see any settings for netfix.  I googled it and saw reports that it did not support subtitles currently then other people said it did.  Does the WD TV netflix support subtitles and if so how do you turn them on?


Yes, the NetFlix 3.0 GUI supports subtitles.

But not every video has subtitles created for them.

The Subtitles are enabled from the same menu after you select a file to play.   AUDIO and SUBTITLE options are in that same menu.   It’s within the NETFLIX App., not the WD Setup.

I figure it out last night after I posted.  Thanks for the reply, I wish there was a “master” Setting to I could always have them on.