Need WDDriveUtilities.exe from WD Drive Utilities v.

Hello. The latest version of WD Drive Utilities is

Can anyone send me the ‘WDDriveUtilities.exe’ file from it?


PS: 2 days & 12 views… All I need is a copy of ‘WDDriveUtilities.exe’ from ‘your’ system (not from the installer). Anyone have that file?

UPDATE: Now I’m guessing that maybe the installer, WDDriveUtilitiesSetup.exe, is trying to install from the Internet. That fails because the computer is not connected to the Internet. So, I would need an off-line installer. …Is that the problem? Heck, I don’t know. There’s no notice – the install silently fails. Is there an off-line installer? There was with version but I can’t find any newer version with an off-line installer.

Hi @markfilipak,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:


I have opened 4 support cases:
230715-001334 and
with 4 or 5 interchanges in each. Each one has a unique approach to solving the problem. No matter what I write, I just get canned responses.

My WDDU is version It has worked fine for my 1st four, 4TB easystore type 25FA drives. Two months ago I bought a new 4TB easystore type 2648 drive but it doesn’t show up in WDDU There are many reasons why that happens. I suspect I just need the latest WDDU and maybe a DLL that covers type 2648.

The WDDU zip file contains an installer that only works on-line. But my Windows host OS is not connected to the Internet – I connect via a virtual machine running a Linux guest.

If I simply had the actual WDDriveUtilities.exe, I could launch it and see if it
A, doesn’t run at all, or
B, runs but complains about a missing DLL, or
C, runs without problems.

Of course, the problem could be with the drive, but I doubt it.