Need Urgent Help - My Hubs Are Failing!

 I am having some very strange issues with my WD Players since I upgraded the Firmware to 2.08.13.

When I try and copy a file (mpeg 4, AVI, WMV) to the player (both wirelessly & hard wired), the following happens:

It copies almost to the end then I get the following error message:

“The operation can’t be completed because an unexpected error occurred (error code -51).”  I am copying from a Mac. i can copy a small file over (like a new folder). I have 160GB of free space.

Then all the content disspears from my drive. it shows 0 files in the Video folder and I get the following message: “There is no media in the content file”. I have to power cycle the player to get the Video content back. So now I am unable to copy any new content on to the drive. I tried I rollling back to the previous firmware version: 2.07.17. This did not fix the issue.

WD sent me a new drive to copy my existing content on to. It took a day & a half using a 4GB thumbdrive (was the only was to get content off). Everything was working fine until I powered up my new drive again. Now that HD is gone - nowehere to be seen & all the content is lost (Error message: The previous content source is missing).

WD have been quite unhelpfull and obviously don’t know what the issue is. Now I have lost access to all my data as I can’t even use the thumbdrive anymore to get content off the old drives. All they have told me to do is try and recover the date using a professional company - and they all seem to want 4400 to $500! WD have no more ideas.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Please clarify,  were  you copying the files to the internal drive of your WD TV Live Hub or to an attached USB drive?

I am trying to copy files on & off the drives’ external hard drives  to all of the following:

  1. To & from other WD Hub (Hard Drive).

  2. To & from several differnt Macs’ hard drives.

  3. To & from external hard drives via ethernet & USB.

Nothing works.