Need to unlock my Passport Ultra

My Passport Ultra (2TB) is locked, shows 0 bytes free out of 8.71MB and requires a password, which I cannot remember. How can I unlock it? I cannot recall being able to put ANYTHING onto it.

then just format it using the wd security tool’s format.

The format option merely leads to the contents of the Passport being erased. I got this option, after your reply, when the number of attempts at the password got too high. At that time there was no access to any format or other options.
I have managed to use the Passport but still do not know the password and the password hint given means nothing to me. I still think it may be pre-installed and that I have not been given an opportunity to change it.
At least I can now use the device. Perhaps I won’t need the password again. Previously it had been the WD Unblocker (0 bytes free of 8.71 MB) that had shown on my PC rather than the Passport itself.
A. Roske