Need to replace old 'green power' drive


I’m looking after an old CCTV storage array, disks are WD2002FYPS "green power with 5400rpm, 2TB. Now unsupported, does anyone have an idea of what I can replace with?

Thanks in advance.

If it worked with Green drives (very low performance), just about any drive would probably work.

Check with your array manufacturer for compatibility, but WD makes the Purple line of drives specifically for surveillance type usage.


I’ll not say a standard PC hard drive will do the job. The issue here is that standard hard drives will fail a lot quicker as they are not engineered for the constant writing to the disk. So what you need for CCTV is a surveillance level HDD. Probably, you can key in ‘surveillance HDD’ on GOOGLE and have a look.

WD as well as Seagate are now producing the Purple and Skyhawk drives respectively for Surveillance system purposes. Compared to regular desktop HDDs, these come with features that are optimized for use in CCTV systems. Not sure why you said your 2TB WD green drives are now unsupported. I don’t think a system would reject the HDD if it wasn’t a surveillance-optimized drive. Especially since you probably bought the system at the same time as the drive itself, the system would not have been advanced enough to make that distinction (since there weren’t any such drives at the time).

That said, I only used desktop HDDs in my old DVR for my CCTV system. They worked perfectly fine until I switched to another system. Even used the HDDs (WD Blues) for a barebones desktop set-up which are still running. Whichever type of drive you have easy access to should be fine but if you can get the Purples (like if this was a critical CCTV system), it would be better moving forward.