Need to replace my WD Bookworld

Can anyone suggest a NAS drive to replace my old Bookworld that works well, but often disconnects from the network. I tried a My Cloud Home and it was terrible so returned it. I would like something that works the same way as the Bookworld

A couple of years ago I would have recommended the MyCloud NAS, but no more! Get a Synology or QNAP NAS.

It all depends what you want the device to do. . . .

  • Do you want a single bay device; or do you want to have a multi-drive NAS? The advantage of multibay is that you can have the drives mirrored or stripped (Google “Raid 1 vs Raid 5”) so that you have some data redundancy.

  • Is this simply file storage; or do you want to use the device as a media server?

  • Do you access from within the internet. . . .or are you going from anywhere in the world?

My general advice:

  • I shun the WD Home line - - - -yeah; I know why you returned it (not fit for any function)

  • The WD products are QUITE software limited; but basically work as simple file storage on your network. They no longer have any single bay models that I know of. . . . I have EX2 boxes; and they do just fine. For the money - - - they are fine.

  • If you are doing anything involving the internet. . . .avoid WD because the updates are slow and the web access software is infantile. Synology and Qnap have good alternatives. (but they are more expensive)(But the reality. . .the real money is in the HDD’s)

  • If you using the drive as a media server. . … then you could require more serious hardware. Lots of variables here. . . but the WD line (being cheaper) has relatively low end hardware.


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