Need to recover data on a seemingly dead MyBookLive

Running Windows 10 Pro, I was able to access the MyBookLive NAS normally as late as February. Now, although its LEDs are lit appropriately, plugged into the network router, I cannot. Its IP address shows up in Devices and Printers (Last Connected: Unavailable) but the MAC address is not found in the connected Client List on the router. Entering either device name or IP address into the network path yields nothing.

I have already replaced it with a newer network storage drive, but I want to know how to retrieve files from the MyBookLive. Could it be as simple as disconnecting it from the router and plugging it into the Ethernet port on the rear of my desktop? What surprises, if any, should I be prepared for. Or, is it possible the drive itself is damaged? If so, what then?
Thank you for all advice.

If your router does not see the NAS it’s doubtful that Windows would see it any better. Have you tried a different Ethernet cable?

If you do plug the NAS directly into the PC’s Ethernet port (and if that works) Windows will use APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing) to access the device. It will have an IP address between and You may have to got through the hassle of making your making your PC “discoverable” again and you may have to turn on NetBIOS over TCP/IP.

Yes, I did try a different Ethernet cable; same result. I had already turned on NetBIOS over TCP/IP; also tried with it set to Default. No difference. Not sure what you mean by making my PC discoverable again (to itself) but I guess I will find out when I try tomorrow! Thank you.

Looks like Windows has dropped the “Make this PC discoverable” option and now just refers to the “Private” and “Public” adapter profiles. The Ethernet adapter needs to use the Private profile in order to communicate with a NAS. When you change routers, Windows switches the profile to Public and you have to manually change it back. I’m not sure what happens when you switch from using a router to using a direct connection. (That’s about as private a connect a connection as you can get so it may default to the desired Private profile.)