Need to format My HDD for this version of Windows?

I just recently bought a 2TB WD My Book off someone on Craigslist and after plugging it in, the software pops up and asks if I want to Back up the system or something else. Clicking on either options brings up a popup that says something along the lines of “this drive needs to be formatted to run on this version of Windows, blah blah”

Im running Windows 7 and I believe where it came from was Windows Vista.

I went into Computer Management and under storage devices, it has the My Book as a CD/DVD rom drive. Is that normal?

What can I do to get this thing to work properly?


Two icons should appear when you connect the my book to the computer, the icon for the my book itself and the icon for the virtual disk that has the smartware installation. If only the virtual disk is recognized, follow the link below for the steps to format it, that will delete any information inside the my book and you should be able to use it again.

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Worked perfectly, kudos to you!